Stepok RAW Importer


Import pictures from your camera with no compatibility problems


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If photography is your thing and you're tired of downloading applications that aren't compatible with your camera, Stepok RAW Importer is the program you need. It's compatible with most cameras on the market, allowing you to manage your RAW files.

This application can import your work in a matter of seconds. Once you have all the images ready, you can do basic adjustments to each of them, like setting the color saturation, focus, and exposure.

You can edit the whole lot of images at the same time, which makes it take much less time and facilitates the editing process.

You can also export files in the popular JPEG and TIFF formats.

Stepok Raw Importer is the definitive image importer, compatible with Canon RAW CR2, CRW, Kodak RAW DCR, DNG Adobe Digital Negative, Konica Minolta MRW, Nikon NEF, Olympus ORF, Fujifilm RAF, Leica RAW, Contax RAW, Casio RAW, and Sony SRF.
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